The original Australians superhero transplant, Colin erupted onto the scene right as BMX became pop culture. Together they both revealed unimaginable depths; with BMX influencing him to become an amazing TM, photographer, as well as a progressive, always developing, rider. Colin has seen it and done it all, he now leads the charge in finding new talent and running one of the most respected part and frame companies in the Industry. If his business talents are notable, then his riding is truly something special. His riding has a fearless yet refined style. It is defined, it is disciplined, it is truly Colin Mckay original. Watch his "Video Vault" as soon as possible and watch him boost trails all over the world!
Vans BMX Blog

Register Now for Vans BMX Pro Camp April 5th


Friday April 5th Haro and Vans have teamed up to bring you the Vans BMX Pro Camp at Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA.

The camp is from10am-4pm with shoes, t-shirts and prizes from Vans and Haro to all that sign up for the camp. Drop by Vans Skatepark in Socal to sign up and lock in your spot with Cory Nastazio, Pat Casey, Colin Mackay and Ronnie Napolitan. Two lucky campers will go home with a Haro complete bike. Check out the flier for more details! 

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Nasty Gets a Taste of Mackay's Trails in Virginia Beach


After the Vans ECSC Comp in VA Beach, Colin Mackay invited Nasty and the Haro crew to ride the trails he's been working on all summer. Check out this edit with Cory Nastazio backflipping some super small jumps and good footy from Pay Casey, Brian Hunt, Nyquist, Gary Young and Balls.

Cory's Corner 2 - Virginia Beach from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

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It all begins today in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For the first time, the LXVI Invitational Box Jump contest is going down at ECSC. Vans BMX stars Scotty Cranmer, TJ Ellis (pictured), Cory Nastazio, Ryan Guettler, Kyle Baldock and more will compete today at 12 -2 in a qualifying round.

Saturday 12-1 is the final round. Riders are competing for a portion of the $25,000 purse.

There's also Vert Demos going on all weekend with Simon Tabron, Coco Zurita and DMC Dennis McCoy.

The event is free to get into, and you can also keep up with us on @vansbmx66 on Instagram and twitter.

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A video has surfaced from the recent Vans Camp at The Block in Orange County, Calif.

30 excited and eager to learn kids signed up from ages 6-15. We even had a girl sign up.

Check it out HERE from ESPN.

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Vans Am, this Saturday in the O.C


This Saturday, April 14. The Vans park in Orange County will be the grounds for the Amateurs to shine.

Guest judges Cory Nastazio, Dan Foley, Colin Mackay and Ronnie Napolitan.

See you there from 10am

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Mackay Burns Rubber


Check out this new video Colin Mackay did for Kenda Tires. Steezing it out everywhere from Virginia Beach to Austin, TX.

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Now's your chance to hang with member's of the Haro BMX team including Cory "Nasty" Nastazio!

Vans Skatepark in Orange, C.A April 13!

Sign up at the park or call (714) 769-3800

For $150 ($175 non members) you'll receive a pr of Vans, a Pro-Tec helmet, and there will tons of promo, plus you get to hang with Vans/Haro team Pro's!

Hope to see you there! Limited spots so get in quick!

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Just letting you all know we started a dedicated twitter HERE and for the Iphone users, an instagram for Vans BMX.

Follow us for updates on road trips, contests and all things with Vans BMX team.

We will be giving away prizes from time to time so look out for those tweets!

2012 should be busy so stick with us!


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Mackay Shreds The Trails on Vital BMX


If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. Colin Mackay left ProTown last year and started fresh in a new scene with massive hours behind a shovel. A couple months later he's airing it out in Virginia and making a local skateparks look amazing with his height, style and creativity. Check out Vans rider Colin Mackay doing what he does best.

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Mackay in Israel


Colin Mackay checks in...
I just got back from a week in Israel! I went for Haro Bikes with Ryan Nyquist and Allan Cooke to do a few demo's at a trade show in Tel Aviv.

The Haro distributor there took us to the holiest city in the world Jerusalem and to the Dead Sea which was pretty insane. For one it's the lowest place on earth, 1,300 feet below sea level and two is that the water level has 40% salt content and when you go out in the water you float. Really weird.

The shows were good we actually did ten over three days but the crowds were great and were very grateful for us to come to them, most of the people commented saying they had only seen this stuff on TV.

Israel was a great time, the food was good, the people friendly and the weather was spot on. I wouldn't hesitate to go back one day.

Below is a video I made for Haro.

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Cam whites 2011 hillside jam on fuel TV Australia


Cam White has some of the biggest BMX Dirt Jumps in the world and back in February, Cam had his 5th successful Hillside Dirt Jam right in the backyard of his parents house in Canberra, Australia.

Unit put together a show for Fuel TV and it's about to play in Australia. Hopefully in a few months time it will be airing in the States also.

The show features the biggest names in BMX dirt jumping such as Hucker, Dane Searls, Brandon Dosch, Cam White, James Foster, Anthony Napolitan, Jed Mildon, Colin Mackay and many more. Here are the first on air times for the show.

Fuel TV Australia only!

Friday September 9th - 8.00pm (PREMIERE)
Saturday September 10th - 10.00am
Sunday September 11th - 12.30pm
Monday September 12th - 5.30am
Wednesday September 14th - 12.30pm
Friday September 16th - 7.00pm

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Mackay and Harrington At It Again


Vans caught up with Colin Mackay and Josh Harrington behind the scenes while filming for their upcoming Vans Video Vault episodes at an untapped skatepark in Virginia Beach- Mackay's new stomping grounds.

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Mackay Filming for Vans Vault Episode


Original Vans rider from down under, Colin Mackay is out putting in some work for his Vans Video Vault episode. Been hitting the skatepark and trails for the past five days getting some solid footage for this original piece debuting this fall on Between now and then Colin will be hitting up Dew Tour in a couple weeks, flying out to X Games to keep an eye on the Haro/Premium team then heading out to Scotland for a Haro trip in late August.

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Coco's Chilean Adventure Day 2


Today Coco and Colin hit the road west to check out a beach town called Valparaiso about 2 hours west of Santiago. After getting the boot from a couple skateparks on the way, Coco remembered a crazy ribbon structure off the highway that he always wanted to ride but never had the chance. A little 4x4 action up and over the curb and they were in the mix with trucks flying by at 90kpm. It was a pretty wild scene with cars honking and guys riding bikes on a giant concrete ribbon in middle of nowhere. Later on at the beach, Coco found a shark fin wallride thats he's ridden a bunch and made for some good wallride 180 photos. Tomorrow there is a Vans demo and another video session at the skatepark that Coco's dad runs near the house.

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Coco's Chilean Adventure Day 1


Coco Zurita made a trip back to his homeland of Chile with fellow Vans team mate Colin Mackay. The two riders made a long trip down to the most southern tip of the country to a place called Punta Arenas to check out a local contest in a place where the Atlantic meets the Pacific. The days were cold but the riding was good and there was an unreal local girl's BMX scene. When they got back to Santiago, Coco decided to make a day trip to some trails for Colin to check out and they ended up being set against an amazing backdrop of the Andes Mountains for one of the most amazing sunset sessions. On Friday they crew is headed to a beach town to check out a new skatepark and ride some undiscovered street.
Here is a shot of the Vert shredder riding dirt- who knew??

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Gary Young & Colin Mackay Builds a Dirt Jump on "Built to shred"


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Vans Ital Demo Trip in the Eyes of Colin Mackay...


"Last weekend I got to go all the way to Naples, Italy for three days Invited by Vans shoes to perform for the troops and their families on base.

It was my first time to Naples, and at first I didn't think we would leave base, but we were probably off base more than on.

I ate Pizza everyday, why not, It's know to be first introduced in this town, and I wasn't going to miss a night without it. I definitely had a gut ache by the last night.

The two demo's went well, it was windy in the 2nd show which was a bummer but I don't think Scotty Cranmer even felt it. The kid destroyed it.

What a great weekend and to think that we do these trips just to break up the norm for the troops is a good feeling, and it feels like its worth it.

Thanks Vans for a great time once again."
-Colin Mackay

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Vans BMX Takes on Italy


The Vans BMX crew just wrapped up a big trip to Italy this week with ramp demos on the American military base in Naples today and yesterday. The trip included Scotty Cranmer, Michael Steingraber, Alistair Whitton, Colin Mackay, Ryan Guettler and Gary Young. Wessel and Ryan Corrigan whipped up a perfect jump box and quarter pipe set-up for the guys to shred and some big tricks when down for the troops and their families with one of the biggest autograph sessions we've ever had. Look for an action edit coming soon.


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MAckay rides War Zone in Kuwait


Vans rider Colin Mackay is riding in Kuwait right now. He sent us an update to what crazy stuff has been going on:
"Whats up everyone? I'm over in Kuwait and Iraq touring the military bases putting on Demos and hanging with the troops.
It's been a great trip do far and we have two more bases to visit and we will be back home.
We survived three mortar attacks at one base all in one day! One coming in just 100 meters from us! We have toured the F-16 and Black Hawk planes and we travel daily in C-130's.
Probably the highlight so far is visiting Baghdad learning a bunch about Saddam Hussein and getting to visit his Palaces, we even slept at one!
Pretty pumped to get this opportunity, I just wish we had someone filming this trip! " - Colin

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MACKAY Checks in from OZ


From Colin:
"I’ve been on the road in Australia. I started in Mt Beauty, Victoria at the Red Bull Dirt pipe. I arrived to some thick black clouds and before to long, it rained for 30 hrs straight. The organizers asked us to stick around to try to get a session in on the pipe, some riders departed, but I decided to stay to check this thing out.

The pipe is something unique. Its built on the steepest grade hill possible, you’re going so fast at jumps, you actually have to brake before you hit at lip. One guy tried it brakeless, and unfortunately ended up with a ruptured kidney.

But it is pretty fun, it was something that takes a bit to feel out and I started understanding the pipe at the end of the day.

Next stop was Sydney to meet up with the Unit crew for a filming trip to Cam Whites Hillside Jam, in Canberra Australia. I was already two days late for the trip because I stayed to ride the pipe. We woke up to a swim in the Pacific Ocean and then rode Bondi Beach Park; it’s a skate park on one of the most famous beaches in Australia. Some of the best views a skate park could ever have!

We rode a little street in Sydney and headed to Canberra, arriving at 2am to Cam Whites.

Cam White is on his 5th annual Hill Side Jam, located right in his parents’ backyard and he may have some of the biggest dirt jumps in the world. The Jam was a success with the weather holding out after a less than favorable forecast. A couple of broken legs and a few guys limping after the jam is an indication that these jumps are no joke. Jumping 40-foot doubles on a BMX feels pretty fun/crazy. One mate of mine said he comes to Cams Jam each year just to jump the jumps and for two weeks after he is still buzzing from the rush. That just goes to show you how these things are.

This trip has been great, Australian BMX is thriving and the future is bright."


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